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The Significance of Community Reinvestment: Low Income Based Scholarships Inc. in the Landscape of Banking CRA Evaluation in Arizona

Thursday January 4, 2024

Since its inception in 1977, the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) has served as a cornerstone of American legislation. Its primary objective is to inspire banks to cater to the diverse needs of every community they serve, with a particular emphasis on neighborhoods of low to moderate income. The significance of CRA assessments, which scrutinize the effectiveness of banks in fulfilling these needs, cannot be overstated. These assessments not only sway regulatory decisions, such as the green light for mergers and acquisitions, but they also shape a bank's standing within the community it serves. Community Reinvestment: Low Income Based Scholarships Inc. is committed to providing scholarships to students hailing from low-income families and those in foster care. This initiative triggers a...

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Our Commitment to Foster Children

Friday December 29, 2023

Our Commitment to Foster Children – Foster Children in Arizona are Always Pre- Qualified to Receive Assistance Community Reinvestment: Low Income Based Scholarships Inc. (CRLIBSI) Introduction The often-underestimated realm of foster care holds a significant position in molding the futures of innumerable children. This intricate and multi-dimensional system, established to offer temporary or permanent shelter to children who cannot reside with their biological families, is a labyrinth of complexities. Despite the commendable motives that underpin foster care, it is not devoid of its trials. A paramount concern is the educational progression of children in foster care. The impermanent character of foster care frequently leads to interruptions in education, which in turn, results in diminished academic performance and accomplishments. It is...

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Our Commitment to Neurodivergent Students in Arizona

Friday December 15, 2023

Community Reinvestment: Low Income Based Scholarships Inc. (CRLIBSI) Introduction The terrain of primary education is in a state of flux, increasingly acknowledging the distinct requirements of neurodivergent learners. In Arizona, private educational institutions have surfaced as a beacon of hope, offering tailor-made education for these unique students. Yet, the financial burden of private education often looms large, especially for students hailing from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. In this scenario, Arizona state tax credit donations have risen to prominence as a potential lifeline, providing a pathway to facilitate these students' journey towards quality education. The investigation will probe into the advantages and hurdles of private education for these learners, and the contribution of tax credit donations in enhancing educational accessibility. I. Exploring...

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Community Reinvestment: Low Income Based Scholarships Inc.

Thursday October 26, 2023

Community Reinvestment: Low Income Based Scholarships Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational opportunities for school-aged children in Arizona. As a 501(c)3 organization, we work in collaboration with the Arizona Department of Revenue to create scholarships for students in the K-12 private school sector. Our mission is to ensure that children from low-income families have access to quality education and the opportunity to thrive academically. We understand the financial challenges that many families face, which is why we focus on providing scholarships based on need. To qualify for our scholarships, families must meet income verification guidelines, as measured by the Free or Reduced Lunch Program. These guidelines are set by the USDA and are designed to identify families...

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What’s in the name?

Friday September 22, 2023

Donations to Community Reinvestment: Low Income Based Scholarships Inc. serve students from low-income qualifying families in Arizona. We intentionally named this organization to best explain what it is we do. K-12 students are given an opportunity to attend schools that are best for them, in Arizona, and receive assistance through our program to ease the burden. While we support all schools in Arizona, private schools make up about 10% of the student population in the state. Private schools may intend for college preparation in nature, as are public schools, but there are also many reasons why a school assigned to a zip code, might not be the best fit for a child. Finding those cases, is what our organization seeks...

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Who we are. Who is joining us?

Friday April 28, 2023

As our team grows and partnerships form, it is important to define our ethos and create a purpose driven organization and stay focused.  Like any organization forming a strong Mission and Vision is important.  Using the those words as a guiding light, can help to keep ones self in check and in alignment with the group.  So let's dive in and define ourselves! Community Reinvestment: Low Income Based Scholarships is a purpose driven organization, here to serve the greater good, create opportunities, and have fun while doing it. We are committed to improving quality of life for students. We work tirelessly in advocating for the dramatic improvement of undeserved communities in Arizona. We are objective in issuing scholarships, in that...

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Arizona’s Only Corporate Dollar-for-Dollar Tax Credit: What is it, and Who Benefits?

Monday March 20, 2023

Arizona's only corporate dollar-for-dollar tax credit is a full write off against an Arizona tax liability for a business, with virtually no cap, except the yearly allowance set forth by Arizona's Department of Revenue.  This tax credit worthy donation is available in various forms, but the Corporate donation aids children from LMI families (low-moderate income families).  The way in which their need, and acceptance into receiving tuition aid is measured, is aligned with free or reduced lunch program admittance and funds are distributed through STO's (School Tuition Organization's) like Community Reinvestment: Low Income Based Scholarships Inc. Community Reinvestment: Low Income Based Scholarships Inc. was formed in an effort to search for worthy recipients and partnering schools to receive funds.  Using...

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